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0ver the next few days we will be loading the past results from the last few years so that users can get historical and next year we will increase until we hopefully have about 20 years going back as before.

To see the breeding info such as SIRE or DAM's Progeny Click on horses name then on FULL HISTORY then click on Detail View Please note its limited to the few weeks info that we have but will be complete once Rob Scott of Telly Track gets back to us and gives us the past results


Please use the site as is and do not try to log or or register for now.

We will have more fixes done tomorrow morning and then we are hoping to get past results in our database as soon as possible after which we will fix the registration process


The management and staff wish to thank all of those who gave any kind of support during our off time.

We are working full speed ahead to get fully functional and are awaiting the historical data from Telly Track who now control the data for GC and Phumelela.

Dennis Wesson from Gold Circle has contacted Rob Scott of Telly Track and we are expecting feedback today regarding the flow of past results

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