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Apollo Ace

Age: 3 (at last run)
Sex: G
M/Rating: (at last run)
Owner: Miss G Burg & Mr M J T Wickens
Breeder: Favour Stud
Trainer: Joey Ramsden
Breeding: What A Winter - Me 'n You
Last run: 2019-06-25
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2018-05-26Kenilworth 1000 60.0A 5611.00ROCK OF ASIADonovan Dillon61.7771/1018/1V/SoftMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR80000
2018-06-16Kenilworth 1000 60.0A 632.55CLIPPER CAPTAINDonovan Dillon62.239/115/1S/SoftMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR80000
2018-07-04Kenilworth 1000 57.0A 721.75ROCK OF ASIADonovan Dillon62.6171/206/1S/SoftJuv PlateTurfMainR83000
2018-07-17Durbanville 1400m 60*0A 244.30Seattle ForceD DILLON84.3631-1047-20V/SoftMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR80000
2018-10-10Durbanville 1000m 59*0A 421.75Rob RoyD DILLON58.6526-1026-10V/SoftMdn PlateTurfMain 
2018-10-30Kenilworth 1000m 59*0A 11-0.75*Quick StarD DILLON60.726-1016-10V/SoftMdn PlateTurfMain 
2018-11-28Kenilworth 1000m 60.5*0A 520.20SkidooD DILLON60.522-15-1V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfMain 
2018-12-19Kenilworth 1200m 58.5*0A 1371.15Green JacketD DILLON73.386-171-10V/SoftMR 74 HCPTurfMain 
2018-12-29Kenilworth 1100m 61.5*0A 1044.25Red RascalD DILLON66.35-171-10V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfMain 
2019-02-16Kenilworth 1000m 59.5*0A 31-0.50*SingfonicoS KHUMALO58.7411-26-1V/SoftMR 72 HCPTurfMain 
2019-03-30Durbanville 1250m 58*0A 141.85Green JacketK DE MELO75.1128-1057-20V/SoftMR 80 HCPTurfMain 
2019-04-20Durbanville 1000m 57*0A 430.95What A WinnerK DE MELO58.092-12-1V/SoftMR 84 HCPTurfMain 
2019-06-17Kenilworth 1000m 60*0A 595.65Dragon PowerA MARCUS59.971-205-2V/SoftMR 80 HCPTurfMain 
2019-06-25Kenilworth 1100m 60*0A 13105.50JephthahM YENI68.2915-210-1V/SoftMR 79 HCPTurfMain