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Kurt's Approval

Age: 5 (at last run)
Sex: G
M/Rating: (at last run)
Owner: Messrs P D Jules, G Hodges & Late B O Wiid
Breeder: Messrs G Hodges & Late B O Wiid & Estate Late Dr K Whiffler
Trainer: Brian Wiid
Breeding: Miesque's Approval (USA) - Rosey's Song
Last run: 2019-07-18
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2018-01-11Vaal 14007359.0*0.0A 61219.75WITCH KINGLyle Hewitson86.299/122/1GoodMR 66 HCPTurfMainR76000
2018-01-23Vaal 12006757.0A 387.20LAST BATTLEDeon Sampson71.1822/122/1GoodMR 66 HCPTurfMainR76000
2018-04-19Vaal 16006553.5A 883.15NORDIC REBELDeon Sampson96.2028/166/1GoodMR 73 HCPTurfMainR88000
2018-05-01Turffontein 16006456.0A 1088.00REVELATIONDeon Sampson99.8610/113/1GoodMR 68 HCPTurfInsideR82000
2018-05-24Vaal 14006155.5A 1153.25SOVEREIGN REIGNDeon Sampson82.6716/116/1GoodMR 66 HCPTurfMainR76000
2018-06-26Vaal 14005953.0A 883.95NORLANDMuzi Yeni83.9310/110/3GoodMR 70 HCPTurfMainR82000
2018-07-24Vaal 1800m 54*0A 121.10EvolverM YENI109.9411-18-1V/SoftMR 65 HCPTurfMain 
2018-08-16Vaal 2000m 58*0A 233.00Kings CupM YENI126.541-10113-20V/SoftMR 61 HCPTurfMain 
2018-09-08Turffontein 1600m 53*0A B41-1.25*Seventh Of June (AUS)K ZECHNER99.7710-18-1V/SoftMR 71 HCPTurfInside 
2018-09-22Turffontein 1800m 55.5*0A B81-0.20*So Long SpringK ZECHNER111.2113-205-1V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfInside 
2018-10-20Turffontein 2000m 56.5*0A B565.90Senor LizardK ZECHNER125.9127-427-4V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfInside 
2018-11-10Turffontein 1800m 57*0A B1343.15CorridoK ZECHNER112.6121-45-1V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfInside 
2019-01-03Vaal 2000m 56.5*0A B721.80Kings CupD L HABIB126.159-213-1V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfMain 
2019-01-19Turffontein 1800m 53.5*0A B1353.85Seventh Of June (AUS)M YENI114.310-112-1V/SoftMR 74 HCPTurfInside 
2019-04-11Vaal 1800m 53*0A 2710.20ManitobaD L HABIB112.3810-131-4V/SoftMR 74 HCPTurfMain 
2019-05-08Turffontein 1800m 57*0A B1331.00CorridoD L HABIB113.9612-19-1V/SoftMR 64 HCPTurfInside 
2019-06-06Vaal 1800m 56.5*0A B81-0.40*SkiminacD L HABIB108.610-16-1V/SoftMR 64 HCPTurfMain 
2019-06-23Turffontein 1800m 56.5*0A B1475.00Royal HonourD L HABIB111.4613-212-1V/SoftMR 68 HCPTurfInside 
2019-07-18Vaal 2400m 50*0A B343.50Factor Fifty* T JUGLALL -2.5 KG151.0812-113-2V/Soft? StakesTurfMain