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Peter Piper

Age: 8 (at last run)
Sex: G
M/Rating: (at last run)
Owner: Mr S M Jerrier
Breeder: Maine Chance Farms (Pty) Ltd
Trainer: Dennis Bosch
Breeding: Jet Master - Pay The Piper
Last run: 2019-01-09
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2016-01-16Greyville Polytrack 1400 57.50?A274.50BUSTER BROWNT GODDEN82.108/18/1 ?PolyMain%R 75000.00
2016-02-10Greyville Polytrack 1200 59.00?A513.25*HARRISONK DE MELO69.4612/112/1 ?PolyMain%R 82000.00
2016-03-02Greyville Polytrack 1200 60.50?A110.50*BENGAL BOYK DE MELO69.855/15/1 ?PolyMain%R 87000.00
2016-03-16Greyville Polytrack 1400 52.00?A174.85ROYAL ARMOURT GODDEN82.279/29/2 ?PolyMain%R 98000.00
2016-08-10Greyville Polytrack 1400 55.00?A152.25JUST ASK MEM YENI83.4314/114/1 ?PolyMain%R 98000.00
2016-09-21Greyville Polytrack 1200 53.50?A683.25REDCARPET CAPTAINM YENI68.8913/213/2 ?PolyMain%R 98000.00
2016-12-02Greyville Polytrack 1200 59.50?A843.05TOP FORMA DELPECH70.027/17/1 ?PolyMain%R 92000.00
2017-01-13Greyville Polytrack 1400 56.00?A1097.25LAST TIGERS BROWN80.8913/113/1 ?PolyMain%R 98000.00
2017-03-05Greyville Polytrack 1200 59.00?A689.50MY PAL ALA MGUDLWA66.9310/110/1 ?PolyMain%R 92000.00
2017-03-19Greyville Polytrack 1200 60.50?A8812.05SCENT OF THE TIGERW KENNEDY66.9314/114/1 ?PolyMain%R 82000.00
2017-06-14Greyville Polytrack 1200 56.00?A9108.10MACDUFF (AUS)S BROWN67.8425/125/1 ?PolyMain%R 92000.00
2017-07-12Greyville Polytrack 1400 57.50?A572.90WINTERS COMING*E S NGWANE82.5230/130/1 ?PolyMain%R 82000.00
2017-08-16Greyville Polytrack 1200 56.50?A921.00HARD TO PLAYA DELPECH69.9059/1059/10 ?PolyMain%R 75000.00
2017-10-08Greyville Polytrack 1400 56.00?A240.70FOUNDING FATHERS BROWN82.068/18/1 ?PolyMain%R 82000.00
2018-05-04Greyville 1000 60.0A 620.75JARDINLance Pagel58.53  Good??TurfMainR0
2018-06-13Greyville 12007260.0A 733.55UNBELIEVABLE LADBernard Fayd'Herbe69.87113/2027/4GeneralMR 72 HCPPolytrackMainR88000
2018-09-12Greyville 1600m 55*0A 743.10Q The Music* K SAKAYI -2.5 KG95.499-131-4V/SoftMR 80 HCPPolytrackMain 
2018-09-21Greyville 1400m 57.5*0A 2106.20Elusive Wolf* K SAKAYI -2.5 KG84.49-18-1V/SoftMR 72 HCPPolytrackMain 
2018-12-14Greyville 1200m 61*0A 830.55Di MeB LERENA72.0517-45-1V/SoftMR 62 HCPPolytrackMain 
2019-01-09Greyville 1200m 60*0A 41-2.25*Captain CobaltK DE MELO71.624-18-1V/SoftMR 64 HCPPolytrackMain