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Venue: Fairview
Date: Friday, 15 June 2018
R#  TimeSurfaceRace Info
1Card ACard B12:00PolytrackITSARUSH.CO.ZA WELCOMES YOU MAIDEN JUVENILE PLATE (Fillies) ((For Maiden 2 year-old Fillies))
2Card ACard B12:35PolytrackWWW.TABONLINE.CO.ZA MAIDEN PLATE ((For all Maidens))
3Card ACard B13:10PolytrackTAB TELEBET - 0861 000 822 FM 76 HANDICAP (F & M) ((For Fillies and Mares))
4Card ACard B13:45PolytrackTAB PAYS THE FULL DIVIDEND, NO LIMITS MAIDEN PLATE (F & M) ((For Maiden Fillies and Mares))
5Card ACard B14:20PolytrackPLAY SOCCER 6, 10 and 13 MR 65 HANDICAP ((Open))
6Card ACard B14:55PolytrackBETTING WORLD - 087 741 2777 PINNACLE STAKES ((Open to all horses))
7Card ACard B15:30PolytrackTELLYTRACK.COM 18 JUNE MR 66 HANDICAP ((Open))
8Card ACard B16:05PolytrackINTERBET.CO.ZA 0861 150 160 FM 64 HANDICAP (F & M) ((For Fillies and Mares))
9Card ACard B16:40PolytrackNEXT FAIRVIEW RACE MEETING IS MONDAY 18 JUNE FM 64 HANDICAP (F & M) ((For Fillies and Mares))