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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
  8 FM 78 HCPTurfNanna Anna A 4F57.5*09110.000.05KW902268
  8 FM 78 HCPTurfOver Again A B4F59.5*01414318.1660.5KW902268
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfCapacity Crowd A 2F60*0123321.8461.2DV903022
KW901191 8 FM 78 HCPTurfRun Fox Run (AUS) A 3F56.5*031309.8958.93 
« KW810273KW811217KW901048 8 FM 78 HCPTurfRacine A B3F53.5*052311.4259.22 
«  8 FM 78 HCPTurfSilk Trip A 5M57*063313.2159.56KW902234
KW812193 8 FM 78 HCPTurfWindow To Africa A 3F57.5*0154313.8459.68 
  8 FM 78 HCPTurfFours A Crowd A 4F59.5*015314.9559.89KW902268
  8 FM 78 HCPTurfOmega Force A 4F58.5*046315.0559.91KW902234
KW810302KW811211KW812193KW901051 8 FM 78 HCPTurfWhat A Red A 3F53.5*077315.2159.94KW902268
KW808258DV809298KW811158KW901128 8 FM 78 HCPTurfDurty Nelly A 3F57.5*088315.8460.06KW902268
  8 FM 78 HCPTurfIt Is What It Is A 4F58*0109316.7460.23 
  8 FM 78 HCPTurfVelvet Dawn A 4F60.5*0210316.7960.24 
« DV809185KW812298 8 FM 78 HCPTurfWings Of Honor A 4F58.5*01312316.8960.26 
DV809181DV810102KW811217KW812058KW901048 8 FM 78 HCPTurfMumtaz A 3F54.5*01213317.0560.29 
« KW811212KW812014KW901042 2 Mdn PlateTurfNovember Storm A 4G60*0111318.3260.53 
« FL018302FL808044FL808133FL809032TU809201 2 Mdn PlateTurfWindy Flight A 3G60*062318.4760.56KW902262
KW812084KW901042 2 Mdn PlateTurfRock Spirit A 3G60*083318.9560.65FV903082
KW809011KW811033KW811281 2 Mdn PlateTurfIn Full Power A 3G60*034319.0060.66KW902262
« KW901048 8 FM 78 HCPTurfWinter Five A 3F55.5*01115319.0060.66 
KW812051KW901051 2 Mdn PlateTurfGold Pact A 3G60*055319.1160.68KW902262
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfCousin Liz A 2F60*041319.8460.82 
KW809011 2 Mdn PlateTurfChief Manyfeathers A 3G60*016320.8461.01KW902262
DV810101KW811033KW901042 2 Mdn PlateTurfKingston Rock A 3C60*0137321.0561.05 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfBrother Louis A 3G60*098321.4761.13KW902262
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfChasing Green A 2F60*0112321.5861.15 
KW811111KW811281 2 Mdn PlateTurfGive Me Dynamite A 3G60*0129321.7461.18DV903028
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfDrama Queen A 2F60*054322.2161.27DV903022
DV810101KW811171KW812051KW901051KW901261 2 Mdn PlateTurfAugustina A 3G60*01010322.6361.35 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfDriving Miss Daisy A 2F60*065323.1161.44 
KW811171KW812293KW901123 2 Mdn PlateTurfWord Count A 4G60*0711325.4761.89DV903028
KW811171KW812221KW901192 2 Mdn PlateTurfEpic A 3G60*0212326.1162.01 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfBad Habit A 2F60*026327.2662.23 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfFerrari Red A 2F60*0107327.6862.31 
KW901171 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfOrferd's Flash A 2F60*078327.8962.35 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfSong For All A 2F60*089328.7462.51 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfTiger Roll A 2F60*0310328.8462.53 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfSign Of The Times A 3G60*0413329.8462.72 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfElusive Flight A 2F60*0111330.5862.86 
KW812192KW901171 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfRockachino A 2F60*0912333.6863.45DV903022